Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine

A digital archive to document the history of St. Augustine's Civil Rights movement.

The Events, People, and Places of the
St. Augustine Civil Rights Movement

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Over a dozen separate collections documenting what Martin Luther King, Jr., described as "a magnificent drama taking place on the stage of American history."

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Travel Through Time

What happened... when... and why? See just how the Civil Rights movement unfolded, month after month, event after event, on both the local and national stages.

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Follow Their Footsteps

In the nation's oldest city, history is everywhere -- but not all landmarks of the Civil Rights are marked. Here's your guide to hotspots of the St. Augustine movement.

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The "Magnificent Drama"

The "cast of characters" in St. Augustine's "magnificent drama" is large, and the Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine contains biographies of many of the players.

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